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COD (The House of Dancing Water)
Installion 4 Projecter 


Multi-projector edge blending

Provides outstanding optical effect before the shows


Weight of the projector

Because of the heavy weight of the projector, “Safety” is our key point of installation 


Image stitching 

We use 4 projector to create a projection wall which is more than 20 meters width.  


Projection distance 

The distance between the projectors and the screen is almost 11 meters. As a result, the suitable setting of the Lens is essential in the installation part.  


Structural hanger in mid-air 

It was a challenge to installed the steel hangers (height: 5.5 meters) at the structural root that is 13.2 meters above from the ground.  

The House of Dancing Water Projecter

Installation process

We used 12 meters high (six floors) scaffold to finish the indoor installation in height.



We built up the tube and coupler scaffold,
for the installation of the hangers, conduit and wiring works, and setting the projectors.  



We set up the CAT6 cables, optical fibers in the
server room, and linked to the projectors which is 50 meters far away, via the 12 meters high root. We used the wire tester tool to verify the connectivity of all wires.  


Structural hangers

As the snack bar is below the construction area, we changed the scaffold to another suitable, stable structure to fit the bar. We also use the crane to help the installation of the hangers. 



For efficient projector installation, we used the
electric scissor lift in the installation as well.
In addition to the additional safety concern,
each projectors and cameras are secured
with wire ropes. 

3D Model Technology

For the production of the hanger, we drew the 3D design of the suitable projector hanger and calculated its size precisely, multiple fixing and mounting plan were proposed with the design drawing as well. 

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