Enterance LED 3M Light Box

24 Hours Banking & Light Box

Advertising TV

Stock Machine

Outdoor Billboard

Indoor LED Sign 

Acrylic & Silk Screen Text

Hanging Sign

Hanging Sign

Indoor TV & Signbox 

  1. Project Description 
    Supply and installation of the projects below:
    1. Facade 3M PII fabric wide light box
    2. Wall mounted LED 3M PII fabric lightboxes
    3. Modeling Stock Machine
    4. Metalsuspended signboard  
    5. Text with High-quality ABS and built in LED light.
    6. Screen print texts
    7. Acrylic texts
    8. Modeling LCD screen support
  2. Material Application:
    Acrylic, Stainless Steel, High quality LED lights, 12V power supplies, Silk Screen, 3M PII.

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