BCM Bank

24 Hours Banking Light Box

Outdoor LED Sign Box

Bank bulletin board

VIP wall

Hanging billboard

Counter light box

  1. Project Description 
    Supply and installation of the projects below:
    1. Facade signage
    2. ATM wall signboard
    3. Suspended Jetso & Securitites trading signboard
    4. Die Cut Signage (Stainless Steel)
    5. Acrylic Leaflet Stand
    6. Poster support
    7. Teller Mounted Signboard
    8. Teller Wall LOGO
    9. Acrylic Bulletin Board
  2. Design Plan:
    The design and stusture of the suspended Jetso & Securities trading signboard is applied by 3D technology which fullfit the condition of the site.
  3. Material Application:
    Acrylic, Stainless Steel, High quality LED lights, 12V power supplies, UV Printing, Aluminum alloy advertising board.

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