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Text Wall


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3D Model

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Dragon Logo

3D Model

Real Effect

  1. Project Description
    Supply and installation of Facade lighting signage and Text wall.
  2. Design Plan
    1. Facade lighting signage
    The design of the LOGO is very complicated so that it's not easy to make it illuminated. We make the shape of the LOGO though engraving technology and glow by the bottom. which possesses a sense of modern but not losing the taste of retro.

    2. Text wall which established by 576 chinese words
    The panel of Text wall is made by Aluminum Composite Panel(with wood modeling). the concave texture of the panel is engraved accurately by computer. The words are also engraved by computer and pasted up on the panel by hands. Text wall is approximately 3 metre high and 7 metre wide. So it is composed of 8 parts. Text wall is one of the most distinctive outdoor signs in Macau.
  3. Material Application
    The bottom-LED Luminous word(material: Acrylic), 12V transformer,
    Aluminum Composite Panel, Acrylic Text.

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